Washington DC Wedding Photography- Top of the Town Wedding

The luck of the Irish couldn’t have been more with us on Roseann & Spencer’s wedding day. They got married at the Cathedral of St. Matthew’s in Washington DC which was followed by a perfect cocktail style reception at Top of the Town.

Roseann & Spencer first met on NFC/AFC Championship game Sunday. “The 49ers were playing the Seahawks and the Ravens were playing the Patriots. After the 49ers won in the early game, a 49ers fan was walking around the bar and inviting each 49ers fan in a jersey up to the bar to take a shot to celebrate. It didn't take long for the 49ers fan to see me in my Joe Montana jersey and insist that I go up to the bar to join in. When I got up there, I noticed a blonde and brunette girl by the bar, no more than a few feet away from where we had congregated. I remember thinking the blonde was very pretty and in a Ravens jersey, so I had a very good conversation starter. After introducing myself and exchanging pleasantries, I offered to buy them both a drink. I hung around talking to the blonde and her friend for a few minutes before I told them I had to go back to the table with my friends. I told the blonde she and her friend were welcome to join. Not long after I got back to my seat, the blonde and her friend made their way over to the table where my friends and I were sitting, and the rest, as they say, is history. “ As told by Spencer. 

After a night watching UMBC’s incredible defeat of Virginia… Roseann & Spencer woke up the next morning at Le Meridien Hotel.  Roseann started her morning with her mom, sister and her best friend getting her hair and make-up done by Stacie Snyder. Stacie created a beautiful old Hollywood glamour look for Roseann that went perfect with her Pronaria dress from Betsy Robinson. The dress she picked was absolutely stunning. It was the first and only dress she tried on and it fit her like a glove!  

While Roseann was getting ready the guys were downstairs with Spencer. Spencer was wearing a classy black and white suit with a bowtie. He was joined by close friends and family who he had met throughout his life. After a quick champagne toast with the boys it was off the the church. 

As we got close to the ceremony Roseann was starting to get nervous.. as told by her favorite moment from the day. “I would say my favorite part of the wedding was peaking my head out of the baptistry as I heard the music start playing and seeing Spencer come out and watching the guests smile. I was kinda nervous about not falling flat on my face but seeing Spencer from a distance calmed me down. I also loved having everyone in my world in the same place at the same time. It made the day so special to have people from every stage of my life be there for us.”

The Father Ronald Jameson put together a beautiful ceremony which was both short, sweet, and personal. With readings from Roseann’s godmother, sister, and Spencer’s sister. I tend to find that the ceremony can be a real special moment for couples. The walk down that aisle, as scary as it may be for some, gives you time to think of all those little moments the two of you have shared. All that love and happiness that you will continue to share for the rest of your lives.

Spencer: “My favorite moment from the wedding was when I saw Roseann for the first time on our wedding day. There were lots of other highlights that day, but none could top when I saw her at the end of that aisle. I knew a long time ago that I had found the perfect paramour for me, but in that moment, I saw all the reasons why I was so sure of it, and I just had a tremendous amount of excitement and hope for our future together. “

What I love most about Spencer and Roseann is that they are literally up for anything. When we did their engagement session in NYC they follow my same motto... It's better to ask for forgiveness. We made our way through fences and gates to get to some pretty stunning locations for their photos in NYC. For DC they did get a permit for the monuments which took away some of the we're not suppose to technically be doing this fun. But,  they built in two hours for us to wander around DC for photos. While we had some of the DC hot spots on the list; The Lincoln & Jefferson Memorial. I also took them to a new spot I found earlier in the year. It was a little more industrial with some beautiful graffiti. I thought this location along with the classic side of DC would fit well together. 

Weather wise we couldn’t have been luckier. The original forecast called for cold, rain, and possibly snow all day. While we were out shooting it was cold and a little grey but the rain for the most part held off! The only oops moment was when we almost got on to another couples wedding shuttle when we couldn’t remember the color of our bus.

One of my favorite things to do with couples to get them in the moment is to have them whisper in each other’s ears the first time they knew they loved each other. It usually gets a good laugh, smile, or even a tear… but whatever it gets… it’s real…

When I asked Spencer to tell Roseann the first time he knew he loved her… “If I had to choose one moment, it would be a day in early April 2013 where we played hooky from work. We got up, went to brunch, putzed around Arlington for a few hours, and then bar-hopped for Happy Hour. There wasn't one particular thing about the day that stands out, just that every moment with her that day felt absolutely right. I had never wanted a day not to end more than that day. I knew I loved her then because when you're with the people you love, time just has a way of flying by, and I had never met someone who could make my time fly the way she could.”

And Roseann… “The moment I knew I loved Spencer was when we were riding in the car along the George Washington Parkway with the windows down, the sun shining and singing  Avril Lavigne "Never Growing Up" in his car. I remember have this feeling of extreme happiness and excitement and I looked over at him in car. It was then I knew I loved him. As Spencer mentioned, there was nothing particularly thing about that day, but everything did feel right.”


After playing around DC in the cold we headed to their cocktail party reception arriving just at the same time their guests were pulling up. As we headed upstairs we looked outside and what did we see… SUN… glorious sun! We headed out to the deck area to get some shots of the DC Skyline. The sun just had us all so excited that Roseann pulled Spencer in for a huge kiss … I’m not a huge country artist but I imagine there is a song about Red lipstick and let me tell you Roseann got Spencer good !!

I’ve had a lot of reception over the past year that have gone away with the elaborate centerpieces and pomp and circumstance of a reception and created a more personal intimate affair. Not loving the idea of being the center of attention they were introduced and then went straight into their first dance by Phillip Phillips. No formal activities after that just eating, drinking, and partying… you know… the best part of the wedding. They had  violinist Rafael Javadov accompany DJ Grant Kushman to add a little more Irish flair to their day.

That beautiful Glourious sunshine meant… sunset photos!! Happy Dance !! 

The party was pretty epic! I mean it went from a Irish Jigging to Head banging to screaming something about Debbie.  There was one song that I wish I could remember what it was… But it was definitely Roseann’s mom’s jam! She ran out on that floor and danced her ass off!



Hair & Make-up- Stacie Snyder

Photographer-  Love and Adventure Photography- Kathleen Ricker

Videographer- Clay Estes Production

Caterer & Cake- RSVP Catering

Florist- Galleria Florist

Dress Designer- Pronaria’s

Dress Shop- Betsy Robinson

Tux Shop- Macy’s

Hotel- Le Meridien- Arlington, VA

Large Furniture- Pretty Simplified

Reception Venue- Top of the Town

DJ- DJ Grant Kushman

Violinist- Rafael Javadov

Invitation Designer- Anne’s Bridal Bargin

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