Virginia Wedding

Meadowlark Garden Wedding - Ashley & Kevin - Virginia Wedding Photography

Meadowlark Garden Wedding - Ashley & Kevin - Virginia Wedding Photography

Ashley & Kevin had a beautiful garden wedding at Meadowlark Garden filled with lots of laughter and a few happy tears!

Alexandria Virginia Hinjew Wedding - Sahaja & Blake -Virginia Wedding Photographer

Alexandria Virginia Hinjew Wedding - Sahaja & Blake -Virginia Wedding Photographer

An Indian girl meets a Jewish guy and they have the best HinJew wedding in Virginia!

Charlottesville Wedding Photography- King Family Farm- Karla & Paul

 Charlottesville Wedding Photography- King Family Farm-  Karla & Paul

A romantic spring wedding at King Family Farm in Charlottesville. 

Virginia Wedding Photography- East Lynn Farm Wedding- Stephanie & Aaron

Virginia Wedding Photography- East Lynn Farm Wedding- Stephanie & Aaron

Stephanie & Aaron's perfect farm wedding at East Lynn Farm! 

Richmond Wedding Photography- Erin & Bryan

I met Erin and Bryan at Sarah & Matt's Wedding last year. She came up to me during cocktail hour and told me that they just got engaged and were looking for a photographer. I was so excited when a few month's later they contacted me and booked me to be their photographer. 

Erin & Bryan live in Richmond and I love Richmond so there was no twisting of my arm to go down there for an Engagement shoot. We hit up Maymont Park which is one of my favorite spots... (even if it was hotter then hot! ) . Then we went over by the water and found some really awesome graffiti spots for photos! Of course no engagement session would be complete without a celebratory beer to say we made it through the day! 

Their Story (From their Wedding Website)

Our first date was probably the most awkward evening of my life. However, as I was driving home that night, I couldn't help but feel that I had just met someone very special. We talked all week and with each conversation, I knew that there was something there that I needed to explore. When he invited me to visit him in North Carolina the weekend after we met, I (very uncharacteristically) agreed. I was both incredibly nervous and excited to see him again. After that weekend, we spoke all the time and visited each other whenever we could. I fell deeply in love very quickly but in the back of my mind kept thinking of his post-Air Force plans. When Bryan decided to move to Virginia instead of Georgia, I couldn't have been happier. This decision and professional sacrifice showed that he must have felt the same way about me as I felt about him. Once we were able to see each other every day and learned to live together, our love grew exponentially. I knew I would be beyond happy and incredibly lucky if I could spend the rest of my life with him.

Washington DC Wedding Photography-Sheraton Dulles Wedding-Washington DC Wedding Christine & Dom

Christine and Dom got married at the Sheraton Dulles Hotel right outside of Washington DC. Their ceremony which incorporated their son Jaelyn was beautiful but their reception was the biggest party I had all year! 

Virginia Wedding Photography- Bluemont Vineyard Wedding- Haley & Hashim

Haley & Hashim got married at one of my favorite wedding venues Bluemont Vineyard. Their wedding was so beautiful. I absolutely loved Haley's vintage class approved to her planning! I never get tired photographing weddings here! 

Virginia Wedding Photography - Bluemont Vineyard Wedding- Justin & Michelle

Michelle & Justin's beautiful winery wedding on the 4th of July at Bluemont Winery


Virginia Wedding Photography- Raspberry Plains Wedding- Stephanie & Jeremy

Stephanie & Jeremy are getting ready to celebrate their two year anniversary which means that I am way overdue on this blog entry but when I look through their photos I just can't help but write about them. Especially since I remember their wedding like it was yesterday! 

First of all Stephanie and Jeremy come from two of the most amazing families I have ever met. You can see where they get their big hearts from. The best way to describe them are they are like really cute cartoon characters... Goofy & so lovable! You just want to hug them! 

Their wedding at Raspberry Plains was 100% them. Although their venue was in Virginia they got married a few days earlier in Washington DC. They did this because same-sex marriage still wasn't legal in Virginia and they wanted to get married where it was legal. So with their Rabbi the two of them exchanged their vows and candy bars (because they forgot the rings at home). 

On their wedding day celebration I watched as all of their friends and family worked together to  decorate the venue for their wedding. Stephanie got dressed into a beautiful handmade gown while Jeremy and her groomsmen spent a little time on their bow ties. 

Their ceremony was absolutely beautiful. The roof of the Chuppah was made by Jeremy's grandmother. The ceremony featured their Rabbi and a friend who is a pastor that Stephanie met in Spain. He also read a beautiful poem in Spanish for the couple. They found the musicians that played at their ceremony while they were walking around Downtown Alexandria. They were playing on the boardwalk and Stephanie & Jeremy loved them so much they had took book them! They are an extremely talented set of siblings and played beautifully! 

Their cake had two penguins on the top because penguins mate for life. Oh and I forgot their dance! They danced the full choreographed from 500 days of summer! I mean seriously these two are so adorable! Happy almost 2 year anniversary sorry it took me so long to write about your amazing wedding!