Fun Baltimore Wedding at Tabrizi | Amanda & Chris | Love & Adventure Photography

The only thing missing from Amanda & Chris's Baltimore wedding at Tabrizi was a bigger dance floor. I have never been to a wedding where the dance floor was packed the ENTIRE night! A lot of that can be attributed to Chico's Vibe. Their band that came in all the way from Philadelphia. 

About Amanda and Chris

I met Amanda and Chris years ago when we played in the same softball league. We played together for at least 4 years and in that time it seemed like they always had weekend plans to go to a wedding. Sometimes the weddings were local but most of them were weddings they traveled to. It reminded me of the movie 27 dresses except they didn't have to wear any crazy dresses. Although Chris does wear red dresses when in New Orleans.

About The Perfect Wedding Day


It was literally a perfect day. The skies had cleared up and it was 80 degrees. It was perfect for an outdoor ceremony on the water! They got ready separately at the Royal Sonesta Hotel in the inner harbor. Amanda who is big into keeping to the schedule is the only bride that had a day that ran 90 minutes early. We were so early that we had time to spare for photos in the inner harbor with the girls before Amanda and Chris's first look which took place on Federal Hill.

Right before their first look, Chris made a comment that he was worried that she was going to make him cry. The two of them were so nervous and afraid to let those tears fall that when they did their first look they turned to me almost as fast as they turned to each other and said now what. 

The ceremony was absolutely beautiful right on the water. There were so many tears flowing especially from Amanda's dad.  Chris and Amanda picked Tabrizi's for their ceremony and reception. (The owner Michael is probably one of the kindest people I have ever worked with. They truly take care of their couples. And the food their is spectacular ! ) 

The Reception

Their reception was just a big huge party with an Eagles cake. I was a little worried during the super bowl when Chris's Patriots were playing Amanda's Eagles. Amanda told Chris that if the Eagles won she was going to have an Eagles cake at the wedding. Of course, they did win... and she forgot about the Eagles cake... but her mom and her sister remembered and as her sister Elizabeth was giving her speech mom come running over grinning ear to ear with an Eagles cake in hand. The night ended with Chris's serenading his guests with... "my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard... and their like..." 

Amanda & Chris this is just the start of an amazing adventure together. I hope your vacation time is full of real vacations and no more weddings! Congratulations to you both... And here's to the Redskins winning the next Super Bowl! 

The Proposal

Chris finally proposed to Amanda on December 16, 2016. Amanda had just come home from Happy Hour  and was talking about her day and went upstairs to finish wrapping some Christmas presents. During this time Chris had placed the ring box on the island in their kitchen. Eventually, Amanda came down the steps and placed the presents under the tree. Completely oblivious to the ring box, she decided to pour herself a glass of wine and walked by the ring box about 10 times. Chris was sweating on the couch at this point and when it was time for Amanda's second glass of wine she noticed the ring box and said, "What is this?" She opens it up and there is nothing in it. Then slams the box on the island and says, "What the hell?"(assuming Chris has played yet another joke on her, being the jokester that he is!) But she was wrong! Amanda turns around and sees Chris on one knee with the ring in his hand. Chris then said, "Amanda I know this is a long time coming and I thought what better way to do it then the home we built together. Will you marry me?" Amanda was so excited that she forgot to say YES until the next day, but then went out to celebrate their engagement with pizza and beers at one of their favorite local spots, Bartenders. Oh and of course Amanda was wearing an Eagles hoodie when Chris proposed! Actually, I don't think we have stopped celebrating since this day :)

Amanda & Chris's Amazing Vendors

Florist: Flowers & Fancies

Cake: Sugar Bakers

Dress: Betsy Robinson's Bridal Collection

Officiant: William Duffy

Band: Chico's Vibe

Invitations: The Paperia 

Ceremony Musicians: Chesapeake Strings

Make-up: Up Do's for I Do's