Annapolis Courthouse Elopement- Dara & Marcus

While they are off enjoying their Hawaiian Honeymoon... I thought I would put together a blog about Dara & Marcus's beautiful Annapolis Elopement! 

I can't tell you how many couples say to me a month before their wedding I wish we had just eloped. Well, Dara and Marcus did just that. The picked a beautiful courthouse in Downtown Annapolis and in front of a judge (who has married over 100,000 couples ! ) and their close families they said I do. Then the next day they were off on a beautiful Hawaiian Honeymoon. 

We wandered around the streets of Annapolis for a few photos before they met the judge. Then because Marcus is friends with a state congressmen we were about to go into one of the State houses for photos. There was a beautiful stained glass that was perfect for photos! 

Dara had a very boho style look with a beautiful flower headband. Her and Marcus were so incredibly sweet together making each other laugh through the nervousness of having their photo taken. Marcus is also a very talented photographer! He shared some photos with me that he took while traveling around the world. 

Congratulations to you both and I hope you had an amazing time in Hawaii!