Engineers Club Winter Wedding | Alana & George | Baltimore Wedding Photography

"I knew that George was perfect for Alana when after years of insomnia and never being able to sleep... Alana could finally sleep with George by her side." - From Alana's sister's speech

Sometimes when two people are in love you can actually feel it. Strong love actually gives off this energy that can give you goosebumps up your arms. That's how I feel when I am with Alana and George. Their excitement to be with each other and around each other gave me butterflies in my stomach. 

Their wedding was absolutely stunning. Alana knew the moment she walked into the Engineers Club that it was where she had to get married. The staircase alone sold her. I have to say it is probably the most exquisite venue in Baltimore. 

I had a little extra time to get some artsy shots of Alana in her veil. 

The ceremony was in one of Baltimore's beautiful churches - Corpus Christi. George held back the tears when he saw Alana for the first time walking down the aisle. But you can see the water swelling up in his eyes.  I love watching couples during Catholic ceremonies. You can see how nervous they are and they almost never know what to do with their hands. The ceremony passes quickly and it seems as though you just walked down the aisle before the priest is pronouncing you husband and wife. 


What do you get when you throw a bunch of Irish, Polish, and Greek family members together? One wild party! Alana & George have some of the coolest family stories from the grandparents who settled in Baltimore. George's family is from Chios. The same Island I shot a wedding at in July. Alana's grandparents are from Ireland and when them came to Baltimore there were two many Irish coming in so they had to say that they were Jewish in order to settle here. Once here Alana's great grandmother opened and owned an Irish bar. Everyone loved her but they all knew never to mess with her or her kids. George's grandfather was coming to the US and in order to keep him and his sister here he had to serve on a ship for a few years. While on that ship they were kidnapped by the Russian's and lived on a lifeboat with no food or water for 30 days. (This story may not be exact but ask George to tell it ! It's a good one! )

George and Alana celebrated their Polish heritage during the reception with the Blessing of the Bread. The bread was a bit on the Salty side and their reactions were hilarious! 

They ended their night with a Confetti exit ! I'm sure they are still cleaning glitter out of their hair !