A Day in the Life - The Lien Family Story... - Maryland Family Photography

I've always wondered what it would be like to document a full day in the life of a family. In early November, I had a chance to do just that with the Lien Family. For 14 hours I captured their life. From the moment they woke up to the moment they went to sleep. I marveled in the dance of parenthood, two people who juggled 3 kids and life so naturally. What I learned about being a parent that day is that you need to be a good team mate. You start the night before strategizing the next day, putting together a game plan for who needs to be where and when. You rely on each other's strengths.

Not being a parent myself I was exhausted by the end of the day. From the moment the first kid woke up at 7:30am till the last one went to sleep it was non-stop. Jimmy (Dad) played the role of entertainer bouncing back and forth between playing lego superheros with Carter and dolls with Sadie. While Jimmy plays the entertainer Robin(Mom) get breakfast ready. Pancakes made from scratch. The kids finish breakfast and are on to the next part of their day before Mom even has a chance to sit down. 


While Robin gets ready Jimmy gets Sadie dressed. A little game of cat and mouse where after a little chase and some negotiations Sadie is ready for her photoshoot. We do a quick family photoshoot at their new home and then head over to Jerusalem Mill where Carter will have his first boy scout meeting. 

Robin and the girls head home to make lunch and get Callie ready for her friends Birthday Party. Mom teaches Callie how to make Grill Cheese. Callie follows her moms instructions carefully starting with cutting the crusts off her bread. 

After lunch it's Sadie's nap time. Sadie cuddles onto mom's lap for a few stories and a song before she falls asleep. While Sadie takes her nap Carter gets invited over for a play date and Callie heads to her friends house for a birthday party. 

Dad follows Carter over to his friends house and gets the details for the day. Then finally gets a few moments to relax. Mom takes Callie to her birthday party across town. 

After nap time it's daddy entertain me time again. Dad entertains the two little ones with movies, blocks, playing school, and karaoke. 

Grandma helps get dinner ready while the kids find little snacks around the house. 

Dinner time at the Lien house includes a little game of two truths and a lie based on the activities for the day. After dinner Callie and Sadie have a little girl time as she does her little sisters make-up. 

It's getting to the end of the day and it's bath & book time. After the kids are clean each kid gets one book to read with mom and one with dad before going to bed. 

Finally the kids are asleep. Robin and Jimmy plan out the next days events... who is taking who to school, daycare, etc. And then it's back to work for Jimmy and while Robin starts making lunches for the kids the next day before she starts to work on projects for her job .