Headshot Pricing Guide


Corporate Headshot Pricing




On location within 45 miles from Baltimore (no cost for Travel)


0-9 Employees - $60 per person

10-19 Employees- $55 per person

20-29  Employees- $50 per person

29-50 Employees- $45 per person

50 Employees + - $40 per person



Each Employee will receive 3-5 edited & realistically airbrushed images.

The company will receive a website where they can download the images directly off the site.

We will provide you with a sign-up and timeline sheet for the shoot.

We have 3 different backgrounds to choose from for your corporate headshots.

You will also receive 1 Group or Team photos included in the price for every 10 people. 


Creative Headshot Sessions- $500

On location at your business

Consult prior to your shoot to discuss what we will do

Office/Business detail photos

Specialized Headshots- Up to 4 looks