About Kathy 

I am a documentary photographer.  I photograph life... I photograph stories... I photograph the moments that most people miss. I photograph emotions, energy, and love. My camera is like my pen telling stories one frame at a time. 

I love working with couples who are both adventurous and a little geeky. People who aren't afraid to try something new. To be themselves even if being if front of the camera is a bit scary. I love people who love to travel and have their own stories to tell. When I am behind the camera photographing weddings I am in my element... my comfort zone. 

I want people to not only be able to see my photographs but feel them. Sharing an emotion with complete strangers. I want people to look at my photos and laugh, cry, smile, or feel compelled to save the world. One photograph can tell a story and also change someone's life. That is the power of photography. That is the power of what I do. 


When I am not photographing weddings I am traveling around the world documenting life. I primarily photograph wildlife but over the past two years I have been working with Photographers without Borders. With this organization I have been traveling to third world countries to document the work of NGO's. These organizations are filled with people putting their whole heart and soul into causes that mean something to them.

In August 2018 I will be going to Cambodia to work with a Child Rights Organization. My job will be to tell the story of survival of children who have been trafficked, abused, or orphaned. 

Over the years I have traveled to 7 continents to capture wildlife in its natural habitat. I've won awards for my wildlife photography and recently had an article I wrote about Trekking with Gorillas published . 

I live by the moment and I'm always up for anything. Challenge me ! Let's work together to create something real... something unique... something beautiful .

You can see some of my personal work by visiting my other site

Kathleen Hertel Photography

10 Fun Facts about me. 


1- I use to work for Disney. I taught photography and worked as an Event Manager.

2- My favorite animal is an Elephant... and an Orca... and a polar bear.

3- I love musical theatre. I just love all the emotions you can feel during a live performance. 

4- I love a good IPA or a glass of Red Wine after a long day of work.

5- I am one of those people who thinks they know lyrics to a song but is really just making it up as I go.

6- I was the mascot at my college . (Go Towson Tigers)

7- I have been with my husband for 15 years. No kids but we have three dogs, two fish, and if I get my way someday chickens and a goat. 

8- I am originally from New York. Not in the city... not technically upstate. 

9- My favorite date night with my husband is going to the movies. There's something about seeing a movie on the big screen while eating popcorn with m&m's. 

10- I've ran 15 marathons without training for 1. I am a bit competitive.